اذهب الى الأسفل


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The world is the birth of Jesus Christ, has started a new era, is different than its predecessors College of eras, and this has become a Christmas Majid, Zemien distinct line between the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas.

What is this innovation by Christianity, even said in the Gospel "antique things have gone Look, everyone is running new?

Jesus Christ has given a new life, and new expressions were not used before, and the deep spiritual meaning of all perceptions, even reproducing Samaoh of his speech, shouted, saying, "What never heard such talk."

Jesus came publish Alhbakaelin "What never heard such talk."

Were not used before, and the deep spiritual meaning of all perceptions, even reproducing Samaoh between people and between people and God. God offers loving father of the people, not treat them as slaves, but. And praying to saying "our father in heaven." In concern for his love of people do, done. No fear of his sentence, but the love for good and said that the Christian "God's love, found love proves in God and God in it."

Thus, Jesus said that all wills are concentrated in a single, a love: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all mind and all your ability, and love your neighbor yourself. This regard All the Law and the Prophets."

And introduced new teaching of Christ in love, a love of enemies and abusers. He said, "Love down, love enemies. Ahsnoa to hate, arrived for those who persecute you!". Christianity believes in this, that the response of abuse abuse, assault and abuse, meant that evil has triumphed. While the education of the book is "not doing evil, but conquer evil with good, to your enemy urgent hunger, and thirst thing." We must triumph of love, because "never fall in love water, many could not Ttefe love." The phrase "God is love", the words new to the world, which was not only God knows Jabbar frightening people who fear prevailed upon and Itradwnh Balzabaj and colors worship. The words "love the enemy" is a new leaf in the transaction humanity, reproducing the world to hear from the mouth of Christ in love, the gospel of Christ also peace, peace between people and peace between man and God and peace in the depths of self from the inside of the peace of God over all Aql. As Christ was born Ghent Angels "and on earth peace."

That Jesus Christ is the mystery and miracle of miracles generations is a unique birthday Aladhirawi In his modesty and birth in the manger. It is strange that turns this despicable Manger to the great palace, visited by senior Magi brought gifts to Jesus at my feet and praying praying Magi was the first in the history of Christianity, not celebrating the earth and sky but the Man of birth, and the sky Bells acknowledge it. We fell in ancient human through Adam and Eve. It was the second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ to come to the opposite way that caused the fall of the first Adam. I did not create Vadm born. Therefore, the Lord Jesus Adam II baby-creature. As was the reason for the fall of Eve mankind has come from the body of a man without a woman, so why Jesus for the salvation of mankind, came from the body of a woman without a man. As the first Adam fell through pride, thus succeeded Adam II through the humility to kill the seed of pride damned.

The owners came to the Virgin Mary of becoming Bmolodha strange bells and beating the Holy Spirit, saying: Holy Spirit replace you and the Almighty Tzllk. "Was a model for the Virgin girl insurers, St., pure, so owners ratified Bishara and secured and were saying" Look, I am the servant of God, not to me Kcolk "and the Virgin Mary became the right structure of the Holy Spirit.

This is the whole secret of Christianity: God spoke ... ... and the word became a body. God has sent us many prophets in the Old Testament. Arzlem Perhaps people understand the purposes of God. When not understand God was necessary to define itself, that is down to us and among us and we see glory glory also came from the Father Mmloua blessing, indeed. The Apostle Paul says "let you have this thought, which is also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the image of God, not calculated to be grasped, equivalent to God, but released the same picture taking Abed, being made in the likeness and found in the body as human beings, and put himself unemployed until death, the death of a Red lifted God also gave him a name above every name, so Tjthoa name of Jesus every knee in the sky who is on the ground and under the ground and recognizes every tongue that Jesus Christ is the head of the glory of God.

the gospel

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