What is Christianity?

اذهب الى الأسفل

What is Christianity?

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What is Christianity?

What is Christianity?
Christian religion is based on the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Christ. Word (Christ) Almmsouh means of God the Father. Prophet Isaiah foresaw him saying "the spirit of the Lord, because the Lord Mshani good news for the poor sent me to proclaim toughest heart of the calling of Msbeyen disenfranchisement and captive launch." (Isaiah 61: 1), Jesus Christ came to this world to complement Nbuat law and the Old Testament (Torah), and died on the cross, and of the dead. The many miracles recorded in the Gospel by eyewitnesses. Jesus Christ is Alaguenom second floor, embody and embodied in the Ahute not miss Nasute (body) for a single tip his country is located in Ain. It receivable worship and pray to him.
Christian knows that there is one God and one each in existence, God created the universe, the earth, and the creation of Adam and Eve. God created Adam in his image. This does not mean that God has the body of meat and bone, but the picture meant spotlight on the creatures of land, reasonable, and the presence of the spirit of man's body, and that means that man was not among a random evolution of the organism to organism-reasonable person. God created this image wise.
God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden and gave them freedom to choose between right and wrong. Chosen the wrong and the commission is written. Sin is against the will of God and against nature and the abuse of freedom. God can not condone sin, a written Adam and Eve led to the expulsion from the Garden of Eden in addition to suffering the impact of death.
Ktithm a result, their children and all of us inherited corrupt nature, meaning that the descendants not ideal in nature, we all make mistakes example, we need not be selfish children know, they know this intuitively, Valkhate could not produce Parra did not make mistakes.
Christian knows that God is three God (father, son and holy spirit), (Note that the word means the basic recipe or feature) Jesus Christ is Alaguenom II of the Trinity, Mr. Christ died on the cross and the death of full capacity, because all human beings under written Adam and Eve, and under penalty of expulsion from the record of God the Lord, Jesus Christ came to save faithful of the rule of eternal death, God kilometers Adam said: "The tree of knowledge of good and evil do not eat them. day because you eat them Mota die." (Composition 2: 17), great for mercy is allowed waned faithful to Fitina Alhdih a penalty of death, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so as not to destroy both believe in it but have eternal life." (John 3: 16) noted that the death penalty is a death was another is the sense of annihilation, but God promised to send sincere the descendants of Eve "and put enmity between you and between women and their offspring and go. Was crushed your head and you Tshakin obstacle." (Composition 3: 15) Mr. Christ, his death on the Cross defeated Death, Death, which Imuth robbery Adam mere transmission of other lives, and the dead before the arrival of Jesus Christ were to lay Please Resurrection. Therefore, the only way to salvation is self-belief Jesus and the application of its teachings.
The Bible promises us on the mercy of God, without God's mercy not inconsistent with the amended, as if destiny is eternal death.
Christian knows that once a person "born again sin" (got the salvation), the Holy Spirit live in that person and the person changed for the better: "If that was one in Christ is a new creature antique things have gone Look, all have become new" (2 CORPS 5: 17).
Therefore, "What is Christianity?" The best answer by saying that a relationship with God and live by the Lord Jesus Christ incarnated by Pfdah us our sins forgiven. It is our Savior.

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