100 wisdom

اذهب الى الأسفل

100 wisdom

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100 wisdom

1 - small candle that lights the best for you to spend your life hurl darkness
2 - No fool you failed, as long as you try to stand on your feet again
3 - the more one culture increased misery
4 - asked the impossible possible: Where evaluated? He answered in the dreams of impotent
5 - that the house is free from the book home without spirit
6 - is not the strong always win the war but lose the peace of the weak always
7 - titles are only Medal of suckers and bone men do not need to name -
8 - from the tree loves loves grow
9 - We do not get peace, but understanding the war
10 - If disappeared Justice of the land no longer a value rights
11 - are not happy at work but always want to do what you want
12 - The worst thing affects a person be without the love of God
13 - Jamal in the women's modesty and virtue in men
14 - a friend of Wickens told followers not to win Satisfaction
15 - hotbeds of deepening friendship took him whenever
16 - smile without a good word characters
17 - do not think of missing even exists is not lost
18 - from cervical worldly easy Han him all Asir
19 - call good passer of all hearts
20 - If increased vanity shortage pleasure ..
21 - conscience reassuring the best pillow for comfort
22 - from implants known reaps Thanksgiving
23 - beautiful garden is not without Vipers
24 - age is the only thing that the greater the shortfall
25 - saving hearts, lips and tongues closure keys desires everyone
26 - experience .. Is it gives you a comb that life .. When they have lost
Your hair
27 - Custodian good money .. But Mr. corrupt
28 - greatness Enviers you create your head .. The greatness of heart creates your friends
29 - minute pain hour .. Hedonism hour and minute
30 - No need to fear the voice of lead .. Laughed that chance will not hear their voices.
31 - can be the devil owners. . The Midget giant. . Bats and perpetual darkness and light. . But before Fools and Slobs only.
32 - Ms. depends on the censure her husband to respond to the phone.
33 - Poor husband loved her long hair found its tongue longer.
34 - If you want to understand the reality of women and you see the trees eyes.
35 - if you had a robot Every one and buy the other lay flowers.
36 - Who is in the wrong man and he insists it is the devil.
37 - Series measured force strongly weakest link.
38 - people can live without air a few minutes and two weeks without water and without food about two months and years without ideas are endless.
39 - move the first half of our lives in search of money and fame and success and move the second half of them in search of doctors.
40 - from buying what is needed sold needed.
41 - When people praising people, few believe that when mothers Everyone
42 - slept deeply for those who do not have the fear of losing?
43 - marriage comes without warning as a point located on the Black Ink clothes rights.
44 - no man failed, but there is a man started from the bottom and stayed in it.
45 - often lost money .. Looking for money.
46 - if people refrained from talking about themselves and others deal was ominous for the vast majority of human beings display.
47 - Children playing with a small life without learning life will be played by the great.
48 - desires are infants children, the more honesty with increased demands more of us?
49 - Choose your words before he speaks and Give selection and enough time to plant maturity talk Words need adequate time to grow.
50 - Be warned if the mother is holy if Varmint plant is sensible, if the messages are foolish if mercy
51 - It is easy to cite people .. But it is difficult to respect yourself.
52 - was happy to wash his worries and concerns of the head and body of aches.
53 - all authorized Sharp long beard longer to hide a smile Gloating
54 - If you reach the summit drew to your slope to see the pride in climbing up to heaven and see God your footprints to prove it.
55 - lived literally died of a faceless.
56 - If your enemy A_i_ark introduced him advice, as it has emerged from consultation to reap bitterness.
57 - if you are rich when you want it handled Taamk .. If you are poor it handled Taamk when possible.
58 - when he says that he loves you, man you like his brother Cain and Abel recalls.
59 - spoke and you angry .. Bhaktivedanta talk greatest regret it throughout your life.
60 - No argues eloquently in disability .. Bad vocally and Fools harm.
61 - good manners Lester many evil deeds, and the poor creatures covers many
62 - marriage of give and take which gives and takes ..
63 - Men sleep away from isolation without providing each meeting fun.
64 - few of the flag with its work .. Many of the most useful science with little effect
65 - Some women believe that marriage is the only opportunity for revenge against the man ..
66 - if Brawling Big Ghunaimah be on the share of the wolf who comes to Remember.
67 - in marriage there are only two beautiful, and on entering the cage and on exit.
68 - rights not eaten meat .. Not wearing lashes .. What is very sweet tongue ..
69 - Health is the thing that makes you feel that day living. Is the best time of year ..
70 - If you fear the unit is married.
71 - Phone bill is reported evidence that the silence more than words.
72 - not the poor little king .. But the poor so much demand
73 - a first for you to suffer for the truth .. To be rewarded for lying.
74 - is no doubt that life seemed pretty wonderful if we were born at the age of eighty and approach over the years from twelve o'clock
75 - not generosity that give me what I need more from you, but give me that the generosity needed more than me.
86 - Be a good hearing for not speaking tactful
87 - knows no hole socks only shoes
88 - Tree childless not promised one stone
89 - much easier to believe a lie Rights heard a thousand times that the true fact not heard of before
90 - not something I encourage the blind horse
91 - Beware of the door that has the keys to many
92 - if given a dagger become senseless killer
93 - is not important important to love the person you love
94 - are easier to be a reasonable person. . Too late
95 - All the darkness in the world can not hide the light of a candle flare
96 - good for you to ask twice that wrong once,
97 - guilty of a laugh came a cry fire
98 - enough to show Whip of the dog line
99 - beautiful feathers is not sufficient to make a beautiful Bird
100 - making fun of each of the wounds did not know pain

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