The words of Jesus Christ on the Cross

اذهب الى الأسفل

The words of Jesus Christ on the Cross

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Jesus did not speak during trials and only rarely during torture.

E words of Jesus Christ on the Cross takes all I have is tender: --

X Salp forgiveness.

X thief gave sworn paradise.

X gave Ms. Virgin Mary son spiritually and interesting.

X gave John beloved pond Virgin Mary in his home.

X gave the human sacrifice.

X gave us reassurance to salvation.

X Heavenly Father gave depicts the debt.

E given human free.

E Christ spoke seven words on the Cross

E Jesus Christ in these words proved to Ahute "Iaabtah"

Proved Nasute "My God"

This proves that God incarnated

E Christ said his order Ajeeb

First: The forgiveness of the people

II: Male enemies before loved ones

The last three words which CHANTS victory and joy

We shall now begin talking about every word of the holy Kelmataath: --

1 - "Iaabtah forgive them because they Ayalmon what they are doing" (Luke 34:23).

Jesus Christ is in the depth of pain was busy with other more than the same first thought in Salibih were rescued. You Why not forgive the benefit of others?

He added that what they are doing Aidron

A - St. Longinus who stabbed Jesus Christ lance security and then humans in the state Kbaduqueh cited by Taibarius Caesar and restore his church twice.

B - St. Arjnos Ansna and to the shedding of blood and killing tens of thousands in a brutal security and then cited in 8 Bermhat by Emperor Dkldjnos wrote his name in Alsncasar.

T - Saul of Tarsus security Jesus and became one of the greatest messengers.

Iaabtah forgive them: for those who believe in Him and

"God loved the world so Bzt only Son, that the Aihlk of beliefs"

Jews did not believe the current Balmakhls who was born the year of 2004 and therefore did not receive forgiveness in this phrase declaring that the Son of God "to Ahute" and thus a response to those who say that you are the Son of God sent down from the Cross

2 - right, I tell you today that you have me in paradise (Luke 43:23)

The first one addressed by Jesus Christ is the thief. Jesus Christ did not respond to many for the duration of the trial "did not open the Israelites led to the death of slaughter" thief thought in my right and the thief thought the North to save his body. We do not know selected, it is thought that the thief will become one of them.

This has been amazing thief: recognized Jesus as Lord "O Lord"

He acknowledged the king "When I came in the Kingdom"

He acknowledged the sincere able to transmit to paradise

He admitted confessions and entitlement death of his colleague said "We Fbadl Josena because we Nnal entitlement what we did" and rebuke his colleague and told him "I fear God, as you under a specific provision ... As this did not exempt something in place" and thus be admitted to Ohio Jesus Christ and free of all sins, therefore, the heart of Jesus Christ because of the sins of others, not sin.

Ajeeb this is the only thief who defended Mr. runoff from the center of the thousands did not say a word abuse against him unlike his students who fled. This thief knows the gods through a few hours spent with him in the depth realized that God is important is the depth of the relationship with God.

Mr. Christ teacher good response to the thief education beautiful you are now with me in paradise place to wait for the Resurrection comes second from right and enter the universe together

Today is a definite guide me on the absence of a disinfectant and also deny that the spirit remains in the earth 3 days of Christ announced the reopening of paradise for the first time after the sin of Adam and two Amlan Alheian reopen paradise and the forgiveness of sins thief left.

3 Look, your son ..... Look, as (John 27 26:19)

Jesus Christ is in the middle of the pain was more concerned about others than himself focused attention and care Besalp thief then the nation Batoul St. Mary to St. John Batoul beloved. The nation like the Lord Jesus in a three points - to talk with them. B - take care of it. C - conferred son spiritually sponsors.

It was followed by Mr. John had even taken the Red Virgin did not leave Jerusalem until Niahtha, and Jesus Christ is who spoke with the Virgin Mary and did not leave for one moment and telling him: "The world Vifarah to accept salvation, and either tied Vtlthb Bnarand theory to which you Salboutk Saber Alie for All you my son and God "This is proof that the Virgin had no children of others as alleged Protestants.

4 - "God, my God, why pustiti mi" (Matthew 46:27)

With these words, Jesus Christ proved Nasute and rights and son spoke those words mean that the father had left the son of doom. This means that the mother of Jesus Christ on the Cross was a real pain. With these words the Lord recalls that the Jews Palmsmor "Thagbwa my hands and my feet, and counted all of my bones ..... They looked in and Itafrson. Split off them and the Da vote" p 18.17.

Mr. God, because God on behalf of human suffering. ".. Put himself taking the form of Abdul .. unemployed and even the death of the Red Death" Jesus repent for Human: --

A - b fasting - obedience to the law

C - make life pure acceptable to the Father "is not working and no one Salah"

D - death, suffering and paying the price written us.

5 - "I Atshan" (Jn 28:19)

For our sins have dried hours for the Lord and for the race many who asked Kktarat blood in the grove Jtimani In the long journey, trials and torture. Lord was Atthana of physical and spiritual terms Atthana to complement salvation of human beings. Lord said, "I Atshan" requests for aid humankind, but they gave him apart mixed Palmer as a drug to alleviate pain, but it "did not want to drink" been (34:27), but appeared to be "In the thirsty Sagoni etc. (ourselves 34:69). The sins every day that make a sacred dried every day.

6 - had been completed (Jn 30:19)

"Listing of the work I do, has completed" (Jn 4:17)

A - Jesus Christ completed Bur mosquito "from the written Epktni you" (Jn 46:.

B - completed all its own story.

T - Alkrazi completed its work.

Th - as supplemented sins placed on the shoulders - also supplemented by the fact shame "Goddamn from commenting on the theater" did great for my back, and cheek of Natveen, finally did Astrh shame on Spit.

C - supplemented nation body, supplemented by the fact anger.

"It is finished" is CHANTS joy and victory, cheered by the Lord, who ran the king, and was able to Istraena priceless.

7 - Iaabtah in Ededek commend my soul (if 46:23)

X in Ededek You repository, not in the hands of others ...

X "the chairman of the world comes, and not in anything" (Jn 30:14). I missed the head of this world (Satan) to obtain such restraint.

St. X says that when the prophet Jesus Christ "shouted a great voice" (was 50:27). This sound evidence of the triumph of the Lord of death that Das Allout.

X and divergent us tranquility on the immortality of the soul that is the leader of death.

X in the phrase you Apth proved Jesus Christ of Ahute and that the Son of God.

Now ask him forgiveness Ktaitna fast blood shed on us and our God promises the Red force, glory and blessings, pride forever Amen.

Reflections on the Holy Zbha Albeskh

You power, glory and blessings, pride forever - Secretary

You force

V We know you are strong because you

O Creator of All

O victor on the written, the world and the devil

O showed your strength on the ground

O sick, I have recovered the dead

O drove out devils

V because you endured insults about love and not about the inability (of the heart filled with love)

V because we are proud of you and say Cross "But my punish me proud not cross our Lord Jesus Christ, who has the heart of the world to me and I to the world"

V because he was strong in accepting death and during his arrest

O cured authorized Mlkhos President Abdul priests

O Hakmwa Jesus Christ at night and asked for false testimony

O When the safest spirit dissented veil structure and darkened the sun

O Club, a great voice and said: "O Father, in your hands commend my soul" and the safest spirit

O mother carrying steel and bear the Cross

V after death on the Cross arrested devil and the reopening of paradise.

You Glory

Are not social ......

Find Jesus Christ regardless of people say to us you have glory. Glory has sold falsehood, and I said "glory of the people do not accept"

I lived a modest depositary Honor sinners and adulterers and eaten with Alaharian

Baok thirty silver cynically Alpsok purple clothes and put on your head wreaths Shouk.

We Venmagdk because we know who you are

V equal to the father in essence

V Extoller ago to be "knee him every knee who is in heaven on earth"

V Extoller of angels at birth and Magi

V Extoller of John the Baptist when Gen.

V will come in Your glory coming in the second Sahab sky of the world condemns

You pond

Are not social ......

Vslbuq outside Mahala it written "Goddamn both commented on the theater"

We Vnbarkk

V, as the Apostle Paul wrote "Let authorized him outside Mahala carrying Ara"

V because of this pond granted first right thief

V because you are hoisted by the law for us

V Beslepk Nnal pond in everything we use in Arashomat baptism in the secret confirmations and walk and walk and walk Alfajarsteia priesthood.

V because you Quddus God and reciting you lyrical Quddus God Ballhn Alhzaini saddened by the sin of us have been crucified for.

You pride

V because you are the King of Kings employer gods

V because you prestige and dignity You Almkhavh

V feared kings of the earth you to power because they were Iarafot you in the strongest of them all, and closer to the hearts of them and more of them convincing people power shone on you.

Flansobhk and Nmagdk throughout this week and say you

You power, glory and blessings, pride forever - Secretary

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