Jesus Mstni your word

اذهب الى الأسفل

Jesus Mstni your word

مُساهمة من طرف the gospel في السبت 12 أبريل 2008 - 11:08

Jesus Mstni your word

The theme really Abakani in other forces needed Ajipholkm have any hard top Mstni me Jesus is a word I do not Bali

Your day with the Lord Jesus Christ

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Esha morning, I became Mstni God and say thank you for Lake O God every need in my life
Esha and I run the computer and I hear songs like this, and after I go
God says, after what can think and be wearing high
I do not go to Bali and after that I go to university, meet one Coterie and God can say is, Evtkrni Coterie
And speak in Wonderland, which I makers
And are any Maaaaaaaan Did you girls is because they wore no yesterday
Shush you Maaaaaaan
I attended the film yesterday, but no strong
Uh, er do you think of this girl
Is it any Fein Maaaaaaaaan foot this good girl this well, well, well
After I completed university, I go on Djaaaaaaaaaaan
Deprived the ever-moving and eat
And God says can Evtkrni to lunch and the blessing this Ihkurni
I eat this any Ante I do not know what I am eating this hatchet
And after that deprived the ever-moving to the Web and do Chat stayed with this and has
And this worked and lived my life on the Web
God says, can enter the sites religion and think
I no moon you are working any Dechltec yesterday Web

Arif Yad girls who are Atunai Imiolha yesterday Talat very rigid
However, the girl who missed
On the basis of one's Bichaelm on Web
And after that at 8 p.m. briefed stayed because ensure
Meet one Asahabay
Any O Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Htterohawwa Fein today as well as the only place with any this was very stifling and the girls Vhoush violin
I have very strong place
And God Mstni any word of it
Any O Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan Fein is not going with you I am very tired and violin at 5 Dawn I go to sleep
And God says can think before they sleep and pray and say you become the best employer
I i. bed Fein
Brother brother brother brother
God, and stand Mcente word Mona
Ed er, O Lord, You are very good and Mrahmk Hash limits to what you Btensl tears myself every day and I like what I am

the gospel

عدد الرسائل : 1420
تاريخ التسجيل : 25/02/2008

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